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Head Office: 4-9-25-402, Kuise-minami-shinmachi, Amagasaki, Hyogo

Berlin Office: Packstation 161, Luckenwalder Str. 7, 10963 Berlin

KL Office: 225 Megan Ambassy, Jalan Ampang, Taman U Thant, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Fukuoka Office: 1−16−10, Yakuin, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka

About Us

IT technical support. IT Consultant, IT staffing, IT Coder, Minstrel, Beatmake(Ableton), DJ(DDJ-RB), VR(Quest3), Human and ligament machinery.

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Our Skills

Programming Skills

C++, C#, DB(MSSQL, MySQL, Mongo), JS (Vue.js, Angular.js), PHP (CakePHP, Laravel), VB, Ruby, Rust

Soft Skills

QGIS, Cybozu, kintone, Salesforce, Redmine, Odoo

Our not Skills



Our Experience

Project Experience

2022, Developer for Travel Support Services company

2021, Developed Public Property Management Software for local governments

2018, Developed Marine Search and Rescue Devices "Marine Search" (Special Thanks for Phytopetrum)

2016, Standard Operating Procedure Management System for Bio-tech company

2016, System Administrator for Bio-tech company

Our Philosophy

Largo is the slowest of the speed signatures that follow largo, lento, and adagio, at about 40-50 bpm. Largo's speed is described as "broad and very slow." Largo is found in Caccini's New Music Dhe, dove son fuggiti of 1601. The slow, languid tone of "Ombra mai fu" makes us lose track of time. But the sound continues to flow. It is gentle, supple, and simply, beautiful.

The medieval European philosophy of scholasticism originated in Aristotle's philosophy, and σχολη is the root of the word "school" and means leisure. Huizinga's Homo Ludens appeals that play is the essence of human nature. Roger Caillois, the usual Roger Caillois, says in essence that there are four kinds of play.

Talent vs Luck: the role of randomness in success and failure shows that talent has no meaning, but the environment does. By providing a place on the second side of the 8:2 law, even the most marginalized person with odd biorhythms can be made more vital with time and play if AI is used properly. Aristotle's philosophy is just some kind of inspiration for people who have slaves, who have no trouble making a living, and who have time on their hands, when they look blankly at the sky. That is the most necessary essence of science, and it is reduced to literature and art by allowing the minimum amount of slowness that humans can tolerate. AI is used for this purpose.

Piketty advocated r>g in Capital in the 21st century, and the world has accordingly demonstrated to the world through Freemium the idea of cost in relation to disposle time. There is no way to avoid using the leveraged principle that despite the collapse of former capitalism, it continues to be maintained because of the hardheadedness of r. This is where AI comes in, which works 24/7 and never complains. Already at GPT 3.5 or the Haber-Bosch method, labour is meaningless and we should utilise E=mc^2 and recover elements in space. Addresses should be unified in the Laniakea supercluster - Virgo supercluster - Local galaxy group - Milky Way galaxy - Orion bowl - Solar system - Third planet Earth.

Another three working days have meaning and people acquire serendipity through social participation.

Our Company Rules

Specifically, we will create a system to enable three working days and four holidays. I am still in the planning stage, but as a former recruitment examiner or a nationally accredited engineer, I know what is good and what is not, so I will use a meritocracy. We have created LangChain, which is a very competitive internal knowledge system, so if you write a daily report, it will be reflected in Redmine and we can take over without a hitch. We also use Whisper to take minutes, so we don't do any work that doesn't make sense. The server is easy to tinker with, so we set it up on Discord.

I can't support anyone's annual income, but if you have computer problems, please contact me. I'd like to do business with small jobs, depending on the type, and build up trust one by one.

However, the use of AI requires human judgement, so a minimum of three days (24 hours) per week must be guaranteed. Based on the normal rule of five days a week for eight hours (40 hours), this would be 60% of the work week. Therefore, three people are enough to cover the workforce through shift work, including risk hedging.

Behind the Scenes

As mentioned above, AI information transfer is an essential technology for how 3 attendance and 4 holidays can be achieved, and the fact that the work cannot be completed with only 3 attendance is an underestimation. We are planning to have external audits, such as ISO and AU, to check if there are any problems.

Episodes leading up to the establishment

I have ASD, but I have still faced numerous challenges. I've been forced to do electronic work I didn't know in an unknown place, programming (Arduino + breadboard + Raspberry Pi), and in continuation, I've achieved certain results for colision using sea rescue device LoRa technology, where the waves can amplify the signal at 920MHz. There are a lot of things packed into a single point called Geographic Information System, and it was important to sort them out with which scalpel, but in practice I got tired of just writing SQL and gave it up.

I returned to Japan and got a job, but I was fed up with the scam-like pricing of the IT people around me. I want to make a few sales, so first of all, please call me for a spot as an amazing computer teacher.

We crave to be part of a science that gives people schola and builds a culturally rich world by systematically ridding the world of wasteful work.

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